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Amusement Parks Videos in Canada

Canadian Recreation Sports and Leisure Videos

A directory of organized and reviewed Amusement Parks recreation, leisure and sports videos from various localities, places and parks across Canada.


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My Neice's first time on an old wooden roller coaster

Duration: 1 Minutes, 09 Seconds
Owner: BMORRELL8Source: YouTube
Summary: A Video of a Wooden Roller Coaster at Upper Clements Park , it can still make you scream. This park is located in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Keywords: | Amusement Parks | Nova Scotia | Annapolis Royal | Upper Clements Park |

Crystal Beach Cyclone Roller Coaster

Duration: 2 Minutes, 27 Seconds
Owner: swampfoxerSource: YouTube
Summary: An historical video of Crystal Beach Amusement Park, which opened in 1927 in Ontario, Canada. It looks like a very scary ride roller coaster ride. It was located near a small community of Crystal Beach located on the Canadian shores of Lake Erie near Fort Erie.

Keywords: | Amusement Parks | Ontario | Crystal Beach Amusement Park | Fort Erie |

Rollercoaster of Death

Duration: 2 Minutes, 02 Seconds
Owner: sidvicious2887Source: YouTube
Summary: A video of what could be the Roller Coaster ride the Vortex at Callaway Park, Calgary

Keywords: | Alberta | Amusement Parks | Calgary | Callaway Park |

Silver Streak - Canada's Wonderland

Duration: 1 Minutes, 21 Seconds
Owner: zahid4u84Source: YouTube
Summary: Another Roller Coaster video Ride at Canada's Wonderland aboard the Silver Streak. Silver Streak is an inverted coaster with a helix

Keywords: | Amusement Parks | Ontario | Canada's Wonderland | Vaughan |

Erie Beach Wildcat Roller Coaster Front Seat ~ 1930

Duration: 1 Minutes, 05 Seconds
Owner: swampfoxerSource: YouTube
Summary: An historiacl Video of an old wooden roller coaster ride called WildCat, it was located at Erie Beach Park in Ontario.

Keywords: | Amusement Parks | Ontario | Erie Beach Park | Fort Erie |

Rollercoaster Madness

Duration: 1 Minutes, 20 Seconds
Owner: hdavicool2001Source: YouTube
Summary: A video of what looks like the Mighty Canadian Minebuster at Canadian Wonderland. You can here the exitement in the voices of the Scots and Irish and a lot of "Oh Jesus"

Keywords: | Amusement Parks | Ontario | Canada's Wonderland | Vaughan |

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