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Biking Videos in Canada

Canadian Recreation Sports and Leisure Videos

A directory of organized and reviewed Biking recreation, leisure and sports videos from various localities, places and parks across Canada.


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Fredericton Bikers Street and Trail

Duration: 4 Minutes, 57 Seconds
Owner: DarkalleydownhillSource: YouTube
Summary: A short video put togther over 3 days of filming and editing of Fredericton Bikers on the streets and trails

Keywords: | Biking | New Brunswick | Fredericton |

Sideshow Bob trail in Calgary, Alberta

Duration: 1 Minutes, 07 Seconds
Owner: midtoadSource: YouTube
Summary: Biking video taken at Sideshow Bob, a mountain-bike trail on the North side of the Bow River in Calgary, Alberta.

Keywords: | Alberta | Biking | Rivers | Trails | Bow River | Calgary | Sideshow Bob Trail |

Biking and stupid

Duration: 2 Minutes, 45 Seconds
Owner: beatonbrosSource: YouTube
Summary: Dirt jump and stunt video taken at Fall River, near Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Keywords: | Biking | Nova Scotia | Fall River | Halifax |

4600 kilometers on a downhill bike

Duration: 6 Minutes, 04 Seconds
Owner: kenmcginnSource: YouTube
Summary: Ken McGinn's trip, Ontario to Whistler British Columbia on a Downhill bicycle May 6 to June 29, 2005

Keywords: | Biking | British Columbia | Ontario | Whistler |

Kayak Unicycle

Duration: 1 Minutes, 32 Seconds
Owner: kanuhedSource: YouTube
Summary: A teenager has a challenging time get his kayak to the Ottawa River. He makes his way by Unicycling to some nice white water paddling.

Keywords: | Biking | Kayaking | Ontario | Rivers | Ottawa River |

MacGregor Provincial Park

Duration: 2 Minutes, 56 Seconds
Owner: thecampingnetworkSource: YouTube
Summary: MacGregor Point Provincial Park is located in Ontario, Canada. Great park to visit if you like private campgrounds near water. It's on the shores of Georgian Bay. Hiking, Biking and plenty of wildlife viewing.

Keywords: | Bays | Biking | Birding | Camping | Hiking | Ontario | Parks | Swimming | Georgian Bay | MacGregor Provincial Park |

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