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Kelowna Videos in Canada

British Columbia Recreation and Leisure Videos

A directory of Kelowna and British Columbia videos from various locations across Canada.


Canadian Videos - British Columbia: Kelowna

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Big White Ski Tips

Duration: 2 Minutes, 09 Seconds
Owner: snowhite80Source: 5min
Summary: Instructional Skiing Video - Turning with your lower body

Keywords: | British Columbia | Instructional | Mountains | Skiing | Big White | Kelowna |

Kite Surfting in Kelowna British Columbia

Duration: 2 Minutes, 11 Seconds
Owner: klaus00001Source: YouTube
Summary: Kiteboarding Video in n Kelowna, British Columbia on Okanagan lake

Keywords: | British Columbia | Kiteboarding | Lakes | Kelowna | Okanagan Lake |

Ode to a good season

Duration: 3 Minutes, 38 Seconds
Owner: BlackTV2007Source: YouTube
Summary: Sad end to a good season of Skimboarding on Okanagan Lake in Kelowna British Columbia

Keywords: | British Columbia | Lakes | Skimboarding | Kelowna | Okanagan Lake |

Bombardier 800 With Apache Tracks In Powder Snow

Bombardier 800 With Apache Tracks In Powder Snow - Funny videos are here

Duration: 0 Minutes, 37 Seconds
Owner: Quads.caSource: Metacafe
Summary: Dave and Greg test-ride a Bombardier Outlander 800HO XT, equipped with Bombardier's Apache track system. They were doing a high-speed run with the camera vehicle following in a snowmobile near Kelowna, BC, Canada. Banner Recreation of Kelowna was the supplier of the tracked ATV.

Keywords: | ATVing | British Columbia | Kelowna | Quading |

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