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Pike Videos in Canada

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A directory of Pike and Fish videos from various locations across Canada.


Canadian Videos - Fish: Pike

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A Big Fish In Nunavut

Duration: 1 Minutes, 09 Seconds
Owner: bgockelSource: YouTube
Summary: Huge Pike caught on a canoe trip somwhere in Nunavut.

Keywords: | Canoeing | Fish | Fishing | Pike |

The Pinery Provincial Park

Duration: 3 Minutes, 02 Seconds
Owner: thecampingnetworkSource: YouTube
Summary: The Pinery Provincial Park is located 80 km NW of London Ontario, Canada. Great sandy beach for swimming and relaxing. Nearby town of Grand Bend nice place to go for night life activities

Keywords: | Beaches | Birds | Camping | Canoeing | Fish | Fishing | Hiking | Kayaking | Lakes | Mammals | Ontario | Parks | Swimming | Trails | Bass | Deer | Grand Bend | Lake Huron | Perch | Pike | Salmon | The Pinery Provincial Park |

Fishing with Al and John
Fishing with Al and John

Add to My Profile

Duration: 2 Minutes, 58 Seconds
Owner: zu72uSource: More Videos
Summary: MySpaceTV

Keywords: | Fish | Fishing | Saskatchewan | Pike |

Got you sucker! Ice fishing in Saskatchewan

Duration: 8 Minutes, 27 Seconds
Owner: halfdocsSource: YouTube
Summary: A very nice Ice fishing Video, lots of great fish and even a sucker. Perch and Walley for diner. Catch and Release of some nice sized Pike

Keywords: | Fish | Ice Fishing | Lakes | Saskatchewan | Lake of the Praries | Perch | Pike | Suckers | Walleyes |

Pike Fishing

Duration: 1 Minutes, 31 Seconds
Owner: bamabowhunter49Source: YouTube
Summary: Wife catches a 41" 25 pound pike, a cradle is used so less harm will come to the fish. It is the law in the Northwest Territories that all hooks must be barbless and all fish caught are release. Makes great enviromental sense to me

Keywords: | Fish | Fishing | Northwest Territories | Pike |

Fishing Trophy Northern Pike in the NWT of Canada

Duration: 1 Minutes, 23 Seconds
Owner: nwtstretchSource: YouTube
Summary: Terry Rutan's big pike catch of a trophy Northern Pike in the Northwest Territories

Keywords: | Fish | Fly Fishing | Northwest Territories | Pike |

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