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Fishing Videos in Canada

Canadian Recreation Sports and Leisure Videos

A directory of organized and reviewed Fishing recreation, leisure and sports videos from various localities, places and parks across Canada.


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Tillie Lake
Tillie Lake

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Duration: 0 Minutes, 54 Seconds
Owner: thewaterfallhunterSource: More Videos
Summary: MySpaceTV

Keywords: | Fishing | Lakes | Yukon | Tillie Lake |

Pike Fishing

Duration: 1 Minutes, 31 Seconds
Owner: bamabowhunter49Source: YouTube
Summary: Wife catches a 41" 25 pound pike, a cradle is used so less harm will come to the fish. It is the law in the Northwest Territories that all hooks must be barbless and all fish caught are release. Makes great enviromental sense to me

Keywords: | Fish | Fishing | Northwest Territories | Pike |

Bluefishing Nova Scotia

Duration: 1 Minutes, 24 Seconds
Owner: moviegeek2Source: YouTube
Summary: Catching some Bluefish off the coast of Nova Scotia near Liverpool.

Keywords: | Fish | Fishing | Nova Scotia | Blue Fish | Liverpool |

Fishing French Creek, Vancouver Island BC

Duration: 6 Minutes, 54 Seconds
Owner: rockinjellyfishSource: YouTube
Summary: An unsuccessful but hilarious video of rockinjellyfish trying to catch fish at French Creek in Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Keywords: | British Columbia | Creeks | Fishing | Humour | French Creek | Vancouver Island |

Long Point Provincial Park

Duration: 3 Minutes, 13 Seconds
Owner: thecampingnetworkSource: YouTube
Summary: Long Point Provincial Park is located in Ontario, Canada. Camping on the beach and watersport are some of the great fun to have. Surfing, Windsurfing and Fishing are some of the water activities available.

Keywords: | Beaches | Birding | Boating | Camping | Fishing | Ontario | Parks | Swimming | Windsurfing | Long Point Provincial Park |

Beaulieu River

Duration: 4 Minutes, 39 Seconds
Owner: bamabowhunter49Source: YouTube
Summary: Fishing for Artic Grayling and Whitefish at the Beaulieu River in the Northwest Territories.

Keywords: | Fish | Fishing | Fly Fishing | Northwest Territories | Rivers | Arctic Grayling | Beaulieu River | White Fish |

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