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Geocaching Videos in Canada

Canadian Recreation Sports and Leisure Videos

A directory of organized and reviewed Geocaching recreation, leisure and sports videos from various localities, places and parks across Canada.


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Edmonton Exactly 10am Flash Cache Event

Duration: 9 Minutes, 08 Seconds
Owner: ve6daveSource: YouTube
Summary: Several flash mob cache events were held across North America on May 20th, 2007 at exactly 10am Mountain Daylight time. This flash cache event was held in Edmonton, Alberta.

Keywords: | Alberta | Geocaching | Edmonton |


Duration: 5 Minutes, 37 Seconds
Owner: livebaittvSource: YouTube
Summary: The Ontario Geocaching Association (OGA) is interviewed by Skinny about geocaching, an outdoor treasure hunt using GPS technology.

Individuals set up caches around the world and the locations of caches are shared on the internet. GPS users use the locations coordinates to find the caches. A cache provides visitors with a wide variety of treasures. Every visitor should take a treasure left behind by the previous hunter and leave behind something for the next cacher.

Keywords: | Geocaching | Instructional | Ontario | Hamilton |

Geocaching Salt Spring Island

Duration: 4 Minutes, 33 Seconds
Owner: escapetosaltspringSource: YouTube
Summary: Father and sons go on their first Geocaching & hike on Salt Spring Island

Keywords: | British Columbia | Geocaching | Salt Spring Island |

Geocache Aquarium Quebec

Duration: 4 Minutes, 11 Seconds
Owner: monsieurleloupSource: YouTube
Summary: Father takes his kids Vincent and Anthony and friends on a short Geocaching adventure somewhere in Quebec

Keywords: | Geocaching | Quebec |

Geocache Cantilever

Duration: 7 Minutes, 20 Seconds
Owner: monsieurleloupSource: YouTube
Summary: Geocaching video to a bridge in Quebec. The mystery of the missing it somewhere else or did it fall off the bridge?

Keywords: | Geocaching | Quebec |

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