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Islands Videos in Canada

Canadian Recreation Sports and Leisure Videos

A directory of organized and reviewed Islands recreation, leisure and sports videos from various localities, places and parks across Canada.


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Broken Islands Kayak Trip, West Coast Vancouver Isl., May07

Duration: 9 Minutes, 33 Seconds
Owner: andre6873Source: YouTube
Summary: A video of Megan and Andre, who took a kayak trip though the Broken Islands Group in Barkley Sound off of western Vancouver Island in May 20-25, 2007. This video consists of stills and video clips of Eagles, Sea Lions and Bears, Sea Caves, as well as the fun of kayak camping. Also some shots of Pacific Rim National Park, Green Point campground, and spectacular Long Beach.

What a well put together Video Journel of what I imagine was an amzing vaction our great land offers to all of us.

Keywords: | Bays | British Columbia | Islands | Kayaking | Parks | Sounds | Bamfield | Barkley Sound | Benson Island | Broken Islands | Gilbert Island | Hand Island | Pacific Rim National Park | Toquart Bay | Ucluelet |

International Dragonboat Race, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Duration: 1 Minutes, 05 Seconds
Owner: virtualcanadaSource: YouTube
Summary: Center Island is host to the Annual Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival in June.

Keywords: | Dragon Boating | Islands | Lakes | Ontario | Center Island | Lake Ontario | Toronto |

Five Orcas near Powell River, BC, Canada

Duration: 0 Minutes, 56 Seconds
Owner: Lens2ScreenSource: YouTube
Summary: 5 Orca's also known as killer whales were seen near Harwood Island a Sliammon First Nation reservation. The family of Orca Whales were swimming near the Powell River

Keywords: | British Columbia | Islands | Mammals | Rivers | Harwood Island | Orca Whales | Powell River |

Canoing and Kayaking Catala Island Provincial Park, BC Canada

Duration: 2 Minutes, 05 Seconds
Owner: tigertensingSource: YouTube
Summary: Canoing and Kayaking video in rough weather off Vancouver Island's west coast between Catala and Twin Islands.

Keywords: | British Columbia | Canoeing | Islands | Kayaking | Catala Island | Twin Island |

Canoe Sailing Harriet Bay, Quadra Island, B C, Canada

Duration: 4 Minutes, 33 Seconds
Owner: tigertensingSource: YouTube
Summary: A couple on a canoe with a Sail, navigate to Harriet Bay with a group of Sea Kayakers

Keywords: | Bays | British Columbia | Canoeing | Islands | Kayaking | Harriet Bay | Quadra Island |

PKRA 2006 The Maggies

Duration: 8 Minutes, 49 Seconds
Owner: kitetrekSource: YouTube
Summary: Kiteboarding at 2006 PKRA in Les Iles Des Madeleine, close to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, the islands are part of the Province of Quebec

Keywords: | Islands | Kiteboarding | Quebec | Iles de la Madeleine | Iles Des Madeleine |

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