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Reviews of Kayaking videos, films and movies located in British Columbia. You can also browse through Kayaking videos by city or town across British Columbia.


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Canoe Sailing Harriet Bay, Quadra Island, B C, Canada

Duration: 4 Minutes, 33 Seconds
Owner: tigertensingSource: YouTube
Summary: A couple on a canoe with a Sail, navigate to Harriet Bay with a group of Sea Kayakers

Keywords: | Bays | British Columbia | Canoeing | Islands | Kayaking | Harriet Bay | Quadra Island |

David Aplin Vancouver - Sea Kayaking

Duration: 3 Minutes, 08 Seconds
Owner: PaddyJHoganSource: YouTube
Summary: Greg takes his gang of pirates to sea one fine day in Deep Cove, BC. It looks like fun was had by all!

Keywords: | British Columbia | Coves | Kayaking | Deep Cove | Deep Cove |

Capilano Helmet Cam

Duration: 3 Minutes, 55 Seconds
Owner: stubzySource: YouTube
Summary: Vancouver Kayak Club with the aid of a helmet cam explore the whitwater of Capilano River

Keywords: | British Columbia | Kayaking | Rivers | Capilano River | Whitewater Kayaking |

Rafting on the Mighty Thompson River

Duration: 6 Minutes, 54 Seconds
Owner: sailor1936Source: YouTube
Summary: Ro and Sue stop to take video of some Kayakers and Rafters, rafting on the Mighty Thompson River in British Columbia from the Spences Bridge. Great view of the action

Keywords: | British Columbia | Kayaking | Rafting | Rivers | Thompson River |

Canoing and Kayaking Catala Island Provincial Park, BC Canada

Duration: 2 Minutes, 05 Seconds
Owner: tigertensingSource: YouTube
Summary: Canoing and Kayaking video in rough weather off Vancouver Island's west coast between Catala and Twin Islands.

Keywords: | British Columbia | Canoeing | Islands | Kayaking | Catala Island | Twin Island |

Kayak Sailing

Duration: 3 Minutes, 49 Seconds
Owner: wingsailSource: Daily Motion
Summary: Kayaking with the assitance of a Sail from

Keywords: | British Columbia | Kayaking | Vancouver |

Broken Islands Kayak Trip, West Coast Vancouver Isl., May07

Duration: 9 Minutes, 33 Seconds
Owner: andre6873Source: YouTube
Summary: A video of Megan and Andre, who took a kayak trip though the Broken Islands Group in Barkley Sound off of western Vancouver Island in May 20-25, 2007. This video consists of stills and video clips of Eagles, Sea Lions and Bears, Sea Caves, as well as the fun of kayak camping. Also some shots of Pacific Rim National Park, Green Point campground, and spectacular Long Beach.

What a well put together Video Journel of what I imagine was an amzing vaction our great land offers to all of us.

Keywords: | Bays | British Columbia | Islands | Kayaking | Parks | Sounds | Bamfield | Barkley Sound | Benson Island | Broken Islands | Gilbert Island | Hand Island | Pacific Rim National Park | Toquart Bay | Ucluelet |

Skookumchuck Narrows, British Columbia

Duration: 1 Minutes, 54 Seconds
Owner: sniknej69Source: YouTube
Summary: Hiking through the woods in the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia and coming to an amazing site of the Skookumchuck Narrows in the Sechelt Inlet. We get to see a kayaker work this challenging water

Keywords: | British Columbia | Inlets | Kayaking | Narrows | Sechelt Inlet | Skookumchuck Narrows |

Sea Kayaking in the Sechelt Inlet

Duration: 5 Minutes, 16 Seconds
Owner: fatbrokerSource: YouTube
Summary: The Lactic Acid Club go out Sea Kayaking in the Sechelt Inlet Sunday August 13, 2006.

Keywords: | British Columbia | Inlets | Kayaking | Sechelt Inlet |

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