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Whitewater Kayaking Videos in Canada

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A directory of Whitewater Kayaking and Kayaking videos from various locations across Canada.


Canadian Videos - Kayaking: Whitewater Kayaking

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The EH'-Team goes to the Ottawa River - Phil's Hole

Duration: 3 Minutes, 13 Seconds
Owner: bajateam2Source: YouTube
Summary: The EH'-Team show their stuff on the Ottawa River. The 3 Texas boys Chris Aidan, Chris Castle, & Kyle Johnson do their thing on the intense whitewater that the Ottawa River can offer. Welcome to Canada!

Keywords: | Kayaking | Ontario | Rivers | Ottawa River | Whitewater Kayaking |

Whitewater Kayaking Ottawa River

Duration: 2 Minutes, 01 Seconds
Owner: b3harrisSource: YouTube
Summary: Billy Harris and girl friend freestyle kayaking on the Ottawa River. Boy that girl has some nice river moves

Keywords: | Kayaking | Ontario | Rivers | Ottawa River | Whitewater Kayaking |

Ottawa River Summer 2007

Duration: 3 Minutes, 47 Seconds
Owner: rodeoboaterSource: YouTube
Summary: A Summer trip to Whitewater Kayaking down the Ottawa River in Ontario. Performing great moves on some of the known sections of the river like, Phil's Hole, Corner Wave, Right Side, Waikiki, Garb, Push Button, Farmer Blacks Hole, S Bend Hole, Garvins, Initiation.

Keywords: | Kayaking | Ontario | Rivers | Ottawa River | Whitewater Kayaking |

Ben Natusch Kayaking Video

Duration: 2 Minutes, 22 Seconds
Owner: rodeoboaterSource: YouTube
Summary: Ben Natusch Kayaking Video at a few of Canada's great kayaking locations. The Ottawa River, Rouge River, Gatineau River and the Black River are featured in this Video with Ben of coarse, showing us his moves

Keywords: | Kayaking | Ontario | Quebec | Rivers | Black River | Gatineau River | Ottawa River | Rouge River | Whitewater Kayaking |

Kayaking on the Rouge

Duration: 4 Minutes, 25 Seconds
Owner: Jackflesh79Source: YouTube
Summary: Jonny C & The Brazz, Kayaking the Gorge section of the Rouge River, around October 4, 2007.

Keywords: | Kayaking | Ontario | Rivers | Rouge River | Whitewater Kayaking |

Capilano Helmet Cam

Duration: 3 Minutes, 55 Seconds
Owner: stubzySource: YouTube
Summary: Vancouver Kayak Club with the aid of a helmet cam explore the whitwater of Capilano River

Keywords: | British Columbia | Kayaking | Rivers | Capilano River | Whitewater Kayaking |

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