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Atlantic Ocean Videos in Canada

Oceans Recreation and Leisure Videos

A directory of Atlantic Ocean and Oceans videos from various locations across Canada.


Canadian Videos - Oceans: Atlantic Ocean

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Fabio Surf Season

Duration: 2 Minutes, 45 Seconds
Owner: akasharkbowSource: YouTube
Summary: A Surfing and Sea Kayaking video by the guys at Sea Sun Kayak in Nova Scotia

Keywords: | Nova Scotia | Oceans | Sea Kayaking | Surfing | Atlantic Ocean |

Kayaking At My Cottage

Duration: 4 Minutes, 24 Seconds
Owner: JacksonMunroSource: YouTube
Summary: Father and Son Kayaking at their cottage in Halifax Nova Scotia

Keywords: | Nova Scotia | Oceans | Sea Kayaking | Atlantic Ocean | Halifax |

Brackley Beach on PEI

Duration: 1 Minutes, 41 Seconds
Owner: captainhookah23Source: YouTube
Summary: A video on Brackley Beach, which is located in Queens County in the central portion of Prince Edward Island

Keywords: | Beaches | Oceans | Prince Edward Island | Walking | Atlantic Ocean | Brackley Beach | Queens County |

Ucchan's Studio: Whale Watching 01

Duration: 6 Minutes, 06 Seconds
Owner: UkyoKuonji2010Source: YouTube
Summary: Family shoots video of Humpback whale less than 20 ft off the shores in St. Vincent Newfoundland on July 4th, 2007

Keywords: | Mammals | Newfoundland and Labrador | Oceans | Whale Watching | Atlantic Ocean | Humpback Whales | St. Vincent |

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