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A directory of Toronto and Ontario videos from various locations across Canada.


Canadian Videos - Ontario: Toronto

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Kayaking in Lake Ontario

Duration: 1 Minutes, 29 Seconds
Owner: dhakahelloSource: YouTube
Summary: Kayaking in the Lake Ontario, near the Toronto Islands. You can see the city of Toronto skyline.

Keywords: | Kayaking | Lakes | Ontario | Lake Ontario | Toronto | Toronto Islands |

HakkaWAVE 2006 Oakville Dragon Boat Festival

Duration: 4 Minutes, 17 Seconds
Owner: alnedeySource: YouTube
Summary: HakkaWAVE is the dragon boat team for the Hakka Youth Project based in Toronto, Canada winners of the Bronze Medal. Check out their photo gallery at

Keywords: | Dragon Boating | Ontario | Oakville | Toronto |

Sights and Sounds Downtown Toronto

Duration: 9 Minutes, 10 Seconds
Owner: daveni2Source: YouTube
Summary: Walking Travel video of Toronto, Onatrio seeing the sights: CN Tower, Hard Rock Cafe, Yonge St., Rogers Centre and more

Keywords: | Ontario | Tourism | Toronto |

Beaches Parkour Toronto East 2007

Duration: 4 Minutes, 39 Seconds
Owner: maxstussiSource: YouTube
Summary: Compilation of a group from East Toronto demonstrating the art of Parkour

Keywords: | Ontario | Parkour | Toronto |

Ninja Parkour in Toronto

Duration: 2 Minutes, 51 Seconds
Owner: sheriffkingSource: YouTube
Summary: Ninja invades Toronto area with displays of the art of Parkour, I'll be watching out for the Ninja the next time I'm downtown.

Keywords: | Ontario | Parkour | Toronto |

Wakestock 2006 Toronto Islands

Duration: 1 Minutes, 46 Seconds
Owner: ryanscott1980Source: YouTube
Summary: Short Video of Wakestock 2006 which took place in Toronto Islands

Keywords: | Ontario | Wakeboarding | Toronto |

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