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Prince Edward Island Videos in Canada

Canadian Recreation Sports and Leisure Videos

A directory of organized and reviewed Prince Edward Island recreation, leisure and sports videos from various localities, places and parks across Canada.


Prince Edward Island Videos by Province:
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Kiteboarding in Rustico Bay

Duration: 0 Minutes, 58 Seconds
Owner: sbcrozierSource: YouTube
Summary: Don Kiteboarding on a dark cloudy day in Rustico Bay, Prince Edward Island

Keywords: | Bays | Kiteboarding | Prince Edward Island | Rustico Bay |

Kiteboarding in Malpeque PEI

Duration: 1 Minutes, 21 Seconds
Owner: sbcrozierSource: YouTube
Summary: Peter, Lynn AND Venom Kiteboarding in Malpeque, located in Prince County in the Western portion of Prince Edward Island

Keywords: | Kiteboarding | Prince Edward Island | Malpeque |

Kite Electrick

Duration: 5 Minutes, 08 Seconds
Owner: kitetrekSource: YouTube
Summary: An amazing Kiteboarding video with special effects by Phillip Hodgson and Sarah Hunter

Keywords: | Extreme | Kiteboarding | Prince Edward Island |

The Flanny Edit

Duration: 3 Minutes, 04 Seconds
Owner: xxxmerryxxxSource: YouTube
Summary: A compiled video of Stevie Flanagan, from Prince Edward Island performing tricks on his bike

Keywords: | Biking | BMX | Prince Edward Island |

PEI Kiteboarding

Duration: 3 Minutes, 31 Seconds
Owner: kitetrekSource: YouTube
Summary: A Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing video at Cavendish Beach Prince Edward Island in August of 2006

Keywords: | Beaches | Kiteboarding | Prince Edward Island | Cavendish Beach |

Ben's Tours--Charlottetown, Prince Edward's Island

Duration: 4 Minutes, 21 Seconds
Owner: hisbignessSource: YouTube
Summary: Travel video of Charlottetown, Prince Edward's Island hosted by Big Ben

Keywords: | Prince Edward Island | Tourism | Charlottetown |

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