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Black River Videos in Canada

Rivers Recreation and Leisure Videos

A directory of Black River and Rivers videos from various locations across Canada.


Canadian Videos - Rivers: Black River

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Ben Natusch Kayaking Video

Duration: 2 Minutes, 22 Seconds
Owner: rodeoboaterSource: YouTube
Summary: Ben Natusch Kayaking Video at a few of Canada's great kayaking locations. The Ottawa River, Rouge River, Gatineau River and the Black River are featured in this Video with Ben of coarse, showing us his moves

Keywords: | Kayaking | Ontario | Quebec | Rivers | Black River | Gatineau River | Ottawa River | Rouge River | Whitewater Kayaking |

How to Run a Waterfall

Duration: 1 Minutes, 55 Seconds
Owner: stockcar1316Source: YouTube
Summary: A funny video demonstration on how to properly run a waterfall on Black River by Team Special Ed members Uncle Salad Fingers" "Hot Rod" Jim Dobbins and The Flair.

Keywords: | Humour | Kayaking | Ontario | Rivers | Black River |

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