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Reviews of Skydiving videos, films and movies located in Ontario. You can also browse through Skydiving videos by city or town across Ontario.


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Canada Day 2007 - In the Danger Zone

Duration: 3 Minutes, 33 Seconds
Owner: aliendaddy32Source: YouTube
Summary: This year Connor & Duncan Thompson went to the Canadian Aviation Museum for Canada Day with dad. They saw the Snowbirds, some vintage WWII aircraft flyovers and the Canadian Forces Sky Hawks parachute team.

Keywords: | Museums | Ontario | Skydiving | Canadian Aviation Museum | Ottawa |


Duration: 4 Minutes, 28 Seconds
Owner: jlfoersterSource: YouTube
Summary: First-time skydiver aboves the skies of Grand Bend, Ontario.

Keywords: | Ontario | Skydiving | Grand Bend |

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