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Tobogganing Videos in Canada

Canadian Recreation Sports and Leisure Videos

A directory of organized and reviewed Tobogganing recreation, leisure and sports videos from various localities, places and parks across Canada.


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Snowshoeing Trip to Grouse Mountain

Duration: 6 Minutes, 09 Seconds
Owner: canadianveggieSource: YouTube
Summary: 5 brave souls, Dan, Lucie, Nimalan, Christina and Christopher leave the warmth of their homes in Vancouver to go Snowshoeing on Grouse Mountain or was that Ass Tobogganing. Fun day I'm sure!

Keywords: | British Columbia | Mountains | Snowshoeing | Tobogganing | Grouse Mountain | Vancouver |

Tobogganing in Quebec City

toboggan qc from sizeofguam and Vimeo.

Duration: 0 Minutes, 34 Seconds
Owner: sizeofguamSource: Vimeo
Summary: A fast tobogganing ride in quebec city

Keywords: | Quebec | Tobogganing | Quebec |

Making our own fun in the Arctic, Inuvik, NWT

Duration: 1 Minutes, 06 Seconds
Owner: sarahsga911Source: YouTube
Summary: Sarah and Sherry having fun toboganning down a hill in Inuvik Northwest Territories, say bye bye sled

Keywords: | Humour | Northwest Territories | Tobogganing | Inuvik |

March Break Luge!

Duration: 3 Minutes, 01 Seconds
Owner: HockeykidhoofySource: YouTube
Summary: They made their own toboggan hill in Huntsville Ontario over March Break.

Keywords: | Ontario | Tobogganing | Huntsville |

Tobogganing/sledding in Saskatchewan

Duration: 2 Minutes, 36 Seconds
Owner: pompomoperasSource: YouTube
Summary: This clip was shot with the intent of submitting to a 'Rick Mercer's Monday Report' contest. The deadline came and went, and now YouTube & Recreationcanada gets to enjoy it. Thanks Leanne Shinkle and Kevin Bedel

Keywords: | Saskatchewan | Tobogganing |

Toboggan in Canada!

Duration: 3 Minutes, 31 Seconds
Owner: reckless1962Source: YouTube
Summary: Green's Creek Park in Ottawa, January 2007, Ryan & Sarah's first experience seeing snow, making snow angel and yes, Tobogganing!

Keywords: | Ontario | Parks | Tobogganing | Green's Creek Park | Ottawa |

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