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Water Tubing Videos in Canada

Canadian Recreation Sports and Leisure Videos

A directory of organized and reviewed Water Tubing recreation, leisure and sports videos from various localities, places and parks across Canada.


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Water Tubing Videos by City/Town/Village in Canada:

Tubing on Mountain Lake

Duration: 3 Minutes, 01 Seconds
Owner: indiebratSource: YouTube
Summary: Water Tubing video with Ben & Emma on Mountain Lake, June 10, 2007. Looks like Ben's itching to be a future dare-devil

Keywords: | Lakes | Ontario | Water Tubing | Mountain Lake |

Three tubes a waterskier and a kneeboarder

Duration: 1 Minutes, 28 Seconds
Owner: waynerzmanSource: YouTube
Summary: Watertubing, Waterskiing and Kneeboarding on Christopher Lake Saskatchewan

Keywords: | Lakes | Saskatchewan | Water Skiing | Water Tubing | Waterboarding | Christopher Lake | Kneeboarding |

Sylvan Lake Tubing 2007

Duration: 2 Minutes, 40 Seconds
Owner: theretherekittenSource: YouTube
Summary: Water Tubing on Sylvan Lake in Alberta, July 2007, Thrills and Spills!!

Keywords: | Alberta | Humour | Lakes | Water Tubing | Sylvan Lake |

Skiing and Tubing awesome ski-cam

Duration: 7 Minutes, 48 Seconds
Owner: jdolson1Source: YouTube
Summary: Very Cool Video of Water Skiing and Tubing with an extreme sports camera along for the ride.

Keywords: | Boating | Ontario | Personal Water Crafting | Water Skiing | Water Tubing |

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