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A Canadian directory of recreational, sports and leisure videos organized by locations, activities, wildlife and natural features across Canada.

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ESPN Parkour documentary

Duration: 10 Minutes, 46 Seconds
Owner: kamakasi4Source: YouTube
Summary: ESPN Parkour documentary, Lisa who was so negative to this documentry in the first two minutes was chosen to report on Parkouring. She follows Ryan Ford's quest to train with the best traceur's. Ryan meets the Lady of the Lake (Dame du Lac) on the outskirts of Paris France with traceur's from Yamakasi a French group of practitioners of l'art du deplacement.

Keywords: International | Parkour |

CTV New's on Parkouring

Duration: 2 Minutes, 58 Seconds
Owner: JsnowhereSource: YouTube
Summary: Dan Iaboni of PKTO is interviewed in this short bit on CTV on Parkour in Toronto

Keywords: Clubs | Ontario | Parkour | Parkour Toronto | Toronto |

Urban Virus, it's spreading fast

Duration: 4 Minutes, 40 Seconds
Owner: yoonisaykulSource: YouTube
Summary: A school project documenting of the Urbain Virus that is spreading in Montreal , Freerun / Parkouring (En Francais)

Keywords: Parkour | Quebec | Montreal |

Unicycling moguls at Blackcomb

Duration: 1 Minutes, 54 Seconds
Owner: krisholmSource: YouTube
Summary: Unbelieveable Unicycling the moguls at Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler, British Columbia

Keywords: British Columbia | Extreme | Humour | Mountains | Unicycling | Blackcomb | Whistler |

Extreme skiing - PY Leblanc

Duration: 2 Minutes, 20 Seconds
Owner: pyleblancSource: YouTube
Summary: Snowmobiling up mountain for some Extreme powder skiing down majestic mountains in Whistler British Columbia

Keywords: Backcountry Skiing | British Columbia | Extreme | Skiing | Snowmobiling | Whistler |

Backcountry skiing at Sentry Mountain Lodge

Duration: 4 Minutes, 28 Seconds
Owner: heevinSource: YouTube
Summary: Backcountry skiing at it's finest at Sentry Mountain Lodge, British Columbia

Keywords: Backcountry Skiing | British Columbia | Cross Country Skiing | Mountains | Skiing | Snowboarding | Golden | Sentry Mountain |

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