Home - Videos - About Us - Contact was established in 2006 by Carl Segal and Erez Segal. The aim for is to provide various interesting, entertaining and educational information sources for anyone interested in participating in recreational activities in Canada.

By bringing together all the different recreational, sporting or leisure activities, available for Canadians or visitors to Canada, under one web site, this allows you to locate various activities of interest by specific geographical location and activity.

Currently searching online for information about recreational activities in Canada can be challenging. Trying to locate sites of interest can be time-consuming and usually not specific to Canada. Another challenge is to avoid the amount of misleading information on the Internet on so-called information sites. However under closer inspection you may realize that these information sites about Canadian recreation are sites that contain 100% advertising with no actual real content. Our site on the other hand carefully examines and reviews each web resource for its relevance and categorizes it appropriately and relevantly and therefore enable you to have accurate, timely and useful information about Canadian recreational activities.

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